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Hi there!

I have created Valo Healing App as a daily tool to connect with high vibrational energy that works as a protection against harsh energies and situations. The high vibrational energy will help us to heal through cleansing and balancing our energy centers. Participation to Valo Healing sessions will allow us to feel and see the energy around us and give a higher perspective towards life.

Valo Healing members attend regular, frequent, live energy transmission sessions, to receive high vibrational healing, while listening to soothing music, composed exclusively for Valo by Asa Idoni from Sourcevibrations.

Each Valo Healing session lasts 30 minutes and is followed by a 30 minute open group chat between the attendees.


Thank you, Mikko Holma.

Reduce Stress

Valo healing provides you with peace and calm, unblocking stuck/trapped energy, which can help to soothe stress and reduce intensity / frequency of anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia.


Valo Healing improves your energy flow and can therefore improve your ability to reach a meditative and calm mindset, where you can reflect with clarity on sources of stress and appropriate action. 


Be better prepared to deal with distressing emotions such as fear, panic and anxiety and develop your self trust and self love.


Take more responsibility of your life with confidence and balance. 

Challenges and Change

Valo Healing will help you through difficult times, and can give you inner strength to step up and face life’s challenges.

Low self esteem (how you view yourself) can make breaking habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol and recreational drug use seem impossible. It can also cause of fear of change and lead to negative thoughts such as ‘I can’t handle this’, ‘I can’t cope,’ or ‘things will never get better’ when faced with challenge.


Repeating negative thought patterns day after day spirals into negative beliefs, such as believing that you don’t deserve to be happy, or healthy or believing that you have no control over your actions or experiences.


Repeating negative thought processes is subconsciously holding onto the past in both thought and action, becoming unable to live in the present nor create the future you deserve.


 Valo Healing can help you to improve your self esteem and give you the courage and inner strength to take actions to improve your health and happiness


Valo Healing is a form of high vibration energy healing, which unblocks energy channels to allow energy to flow freely, positive energy flowing into you and negative energy to flowing out of you. Over time, your self esteem will improve and with that your ability to cope with change, uncertainty and your ability to take positive action. 

Anger Management

Anger can be a very distressing emotion and can often lead to feelings of shame and self hatred. Valo Healing can soothe your anger, each sessions is an opportunity to rest and receive positive energy, to heal and calm you.


During each Valo Healing session you will become more aware of your feelings and their source. Accept all your emotions, they are all valid.


Valo Healing will reveal more to you about your personality challenges through self-realization. Sessions will bring you peace and clarity to help resolve anger issues.

You will learn non judgemental awareness, which will help you to become more loving and kind towards yourself and others.

Energy healing can help you to become better at managing your emotions.


Using Valo Healing you can gain a healthier and more loving relationship with yourself that will help you to travel through life and its challenges with steadiness and

inner calm.

Mental Focus

Technology and a fast paced life disrupts your natural rythmn and energy flow. 

Tension and stress can block energy channels leading to illness, lethargy and an inability to concentrate or be productive.


Valo Healing combats this by unbocking those channels, reconnecting you with your ​energy points, protecting and cleansing you from harsh vibrations.

Energy follows thought, so a balanced and focused mind will help you to be productive, content and to create the future you hope for and deserve     


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